Founded in 2005, CASTELIERS is a specialized theatre presenter dedicated to puppetry arts. CASTELIERS organizes an annual international festival, FESTIVAL DE CASTELIERS, and presents shows for both adult and family audiences throughout the year. Whether traditional in form or contemporary, the performances attest to the rich diversity of puppetry’s past and the plurality of the present day works that draw their inspiration from the past.

The French word “castelier” (noun: a person who introduces or narrates a puppet show, who intervenes with the puppet characters in a show) has been around since the early twentieth century. A somewhat obsolete word, we have revived it and expanded its meaning by adding an “s”. While its English counterpart, “puppet master”, is generally regarded as someone who performs puppet shows, Casteliers (with an “s”) are more than simply performers: they are important artistic mediators that bring together puppetry artists and audiences.

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