This Summer, Puppets Take to the Parks!

The 2019 Casteliers sur l’herbe program features three free shows for the whole family in a park near you:
Ti-Gus au parc – Noë Cropsal (Montréal); L’heure du thé, followed by La petite histoire de Gino Bartali – Cécile Viggiano (Montréal) et Le bruit de l’herbe qui pousse (France); and Le domaine de Pulcinella – Gaspare Nasuto (Italy).

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Good News: Major Equipment Grant for the MIAM

A big day for the MIAM: the ministère de la Culture et des Communications announces a $345,900 grant towards the Maison international de la marionnette’s specialized equipment. See the official press release in French.

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Le Grand Méchant Renard – Petits bonheurs

Casteliers and Théâtre Outremont present in collaboration with Petits bonheurs, le rendez-vous culturel des tout-petits, Le Grand Méchant Renard.

This is the story of a fox that is neither big nor mean, but would like to be both. Farm animals don’t take a scrawny, frightened fox like him seriously so claiming his spot at the top of the food chain isn’t easy. The wolf, whom the fox finds both impressive and intimidating, suggests that eggs are a lot easier to steal than hens.

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Latest News

11 June 2019

Creative research cross-residency Montréal – Taiwan: Call for applications

With the goal of developing puppetry, bringing together and exchanging contemporary practices between puppeteers from various backgrounds, Casteliers, the Montreal Arts Council (Conseil des arts de Montréal-CAM) and the Lìzé Puppet Art Colony are partnering to offer a creative cross-residency for professional puppeteers. For the fourth edition of this project, the selected Montréal artist will stay in Taiwan in the city of Lìzé, in return, Montréal will host a Taiwanese puppeteer.Casteliers is the project leader of the Montréal residency, while Lìzé Pupppet Art Colony is the project leader for the Taiwanese residency.

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3 June 2019

Québec-UK Cross-Residency: Call for Proposals

Casteliers, Puppet Animation Scotland and Magnetic North are jointly offering a creative cross-residency for professional puppeteers from Québec and Scotland. The residency creates the opportunity for the development of two new projects combining theatre, puppetry and stop motion animation, and encourages the sharing of creative skills and the collaboration across art forms.

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28 May 2019

Label Brut Collective Creative Residency at the MIAM

The MIAM is hosting Laurent Fraunié, Co-Artistic Director of the French collectve LABEL BRUT (Château Gontier), for a creative residency May 18 to June 7, 2019.

He will be working with his colleagues Xavier Trouble, Grégoire Faucheux and Charline Akif on the creation of the show:  Ici ou (pas) là,  part three of a children’s theatre triptych  (MOOOOOOOONSTRES ! and À 2PAS2LAPORTE).

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