Wednesday,November 15, 20237 p.m.
Thursday,November 16, 202310:30 a.m.
Thursday,November 16, 20238 p.m.


Théâtre Aux Écuries
7285 Chabot Street
Montréal (Québec) H2E 2K7
Phone : 514-328-7437
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Adults: $25 - 32


Taxes and ticket processing fee included.

Co-presented with Théâtre Aux Écuries


Performed in French and in Persian

To keep from falling victim to the rapture of the deep, you need to talk to someone, or repeat the same gestures with a group of people. Alone, time shrinks and stretches, and perception becomes distorted. . .

Interwoven with different stories, much like in The Arabian Nights, this show poetically discusses issues affecting the Middle East, women’s role in the region, and how they challenge the status quo. Talking is what the three principal characters do: Pârya, the oilcan delivery girl; Pâri, the mermaid wrested from the sea; and Scheherazade, who speaks to her child. Stories flow into each other, intertwining and becoming intimately linked. These voices from deep within a land of exile speak of displacement, of choosing where we live and where we come from. This choice is no choice at all.


Running time: 50 minutes

Techniques: Object theatre, costumes, and puppets

Themes: Exile, the Middle East, and women’s social and political role




Also available for school groups

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17 @ 10:30 a.m.



Show for all audiences, 14 years +




Founded in France in 2021, Compagnie 1001 combines puppet theatre with the art of storytelling. The company draws on Iranian cultural heritage for both its content and its approach, in order to create a dialogue between traditional culture and present-day artistic practice. Compagnie 1001 weaves new tales and tackles contemporary political issues, the historical violence of wars and dictatorships, religion’s role in society, and women’s rights.


Stage direction, scenography, puppets, and performance: Sayeh Sirvani
Assistant, stage direction: Coraline Charnet
Story: Mahmoud Ahadinia and Leyla Hekmatnia
Soundscape: Alex Derouet
Musical composition: Parva Karkhaneh
Lighting: Antoine Lenoir
Translation and adaptation: Sayeh Sirvan, with help from Coraline Charnet
Outside eye: Nicole Mossoux


Executive producer: Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes de Charleville-Mézières
Coproduction: Tas de Sable-Ches Panses Vertes — lieu conventionné art de la marionnette (Amiens)
With support from the Institut International de la Marionnette (Tremplin creative residency, Charleville-Mézières); the LEM (Nancy);  Université de Liège Théâtre Louis Jouvet; Rethel Compagnie Mossoux-Bonté (revival residency in April 2022, Brussels).


With support from L’espace périphérique (Paris), Théâtre aux mains nues (Paris), the Association arcade et cie (Paris), and Théâtre Isle (Avignon).