Sunday,August 20, 202311 a.m.
Sunday,August 20, 20231 p.m.
Sunday,August 20, 20233 p.m.


Avenue Bernard, coin Outremont

Avenue Laurier, coin Bloomfield

Parc Outremont, coin Outremont et St-Viateur




Without words


Animalarium reaches out to adults and children alike in public spaces with its exquisite collection of intriguing animals. Through the magic of puppetry, interchange between humans and creatures comes naturally. These expertly manipulated wild creatures make themselves at home in an urban setting as if it were their natural environment.

Animalarium creates a shared space where different species come together in a utopian dream of peaceful coexistence.


Running time: 40 minutes
Techniques: traditional and contemporary techniques complemented by modern sound design technology


 Presented as part of the Outremont borough’s cultural activities program.

All audiences




Luna Morena Experimental Puppet Theatre was founded in 2001 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The company regards puppetry as an integrated communications medium that appeals to reason, emotion, and sensitivity, and has the power to touch human spirituality.

The company’s puppet theatre creations and animated forms are complemented with other performing arts such as music, dance, performance, actors’ theatre, and stage technology. They create original visual universes and poetry that strive to captivate contemplative and sensitive souls in an environment of human coexistence.

Luna Morena’s works have been presented in Canada, China, Taiwan, the Czech Republic, Colombia, Spain, France, the United States, Scotland, and Germany.

In 2005, Luna Morena created the Festín de los muñecos, International Puppet Festival of Guadalajara.


Stage direction: Miguel Angel Gutiérrez
Puppet design: Miguel Angel Gutiérrez
Puppet building: Claude Rodrigue, Beto Galicia, Américo García, Alondra García, Yaxel Gutiérrez, Miguel Angel Gutiérrez, Anne Lalancette and Anna Luneau
Costumes: Anna Luneau and Bernabé Covarrubias
Sound design and machines: Jorge González (Cuervo) LAB 10
Performance: Anne Lalancette, Maggie Perfecto, Yaxel Gutiérrez, Karina Valle, and Erick Ramírez


Luna Morena wishes to acknowledge support from the Mexican Ministry of Culture’s Sistema de apoyos a la creación y proyectos culturales(support system for cultural creation and projects).