Sunday,August 27, 202311 a.m.


Parc Outremont




Without words


soul mates is a journey of initiation between the imaginary and the conscience.

An ode to the coming together of the human soul and its wild sisters, whose multiple forms are embodied in nature. It is also an ode to Childhood, where living in the present moment, in one’s body and in one’s senses comes naturally.

soul mates is a poetic reflection on the joy experienced by the Wild Child that lives somewhere within every one of us.

In these times of great inner emptiness and information overload, Magali Chouinard perseveres in her commitment to silence, beauty, and wonder. Both a visual and a performing artwork, this poetic performance is part of a trilogy that explores how depth is experienced, both in the literal and figurative sense and, more broadly, in the spiritual sense of connection to something greater than the Self.

Running time:
40 minutes
Techniques: Full-body and hand-held puppets


Presented as part of the Outremont borough’s cultural activities program.

All audiences



Magali Chouinard is a multidisciplinary artist who, since 2008, has been combining her visual arts practice with the language of puppetry.

Magali Chouinard’s work is based on a visual and poetic dramaturgy. It takes form in black and white universes, where archetypal characters are used to play with scale materials, and duplication, and where and successive appearance contribute to the construction of a final image.

She invites the audience to watch the performance as they would read a poem, allowing themselves to be carried away by both the contemplative rhythm and the emotions it stirs in their innermost being.


Stage direction: Magali Chouinard, in collaboration with Karine St-Arnaud
Scenography, puppets and performance: Magali Chouinard
Soundscape: Julien-Robert Legault-Salvail
Manipulation advice: Karine St-Arnaud

Magali Chouinard wishes to thank the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec and Casteliers for their support.