Saturday,July 8, 20234:30 p.m.
Sunday,July 9, 20234 p.m.
Tuesday,July 11, 20237 p.m.
Thursday,July 13, 20237 p.m.
Friday,July 14, 20237 p.m.


Parc Médéric-Martin (arr. Ville-Marie)

Parc Nicolas Tillemont (arr. Saint-Michel)

Rue piétonne de Castelnau, coin Henri-Julien (arr. Villeray)

Parc Windsor (arr. de Dorval)

Parc Jean-Brillant (arr. Côte-des-Neiges)




Ambulatory theatre 

Few words, in French and Spanish


The world’s only remaining donkey has died. A solemn procession is organized to honour its memory… but the funeral is abruptly interrupted by an unexpected event that gives rise to the re-enactment of the most important moments of its life.

This ambulatory theatre performance celebrates life and death, suffering and joy. A work that inspires both joy and contemplation. A new take on the ancient Feast of the Ass celebrations that seeks to embrace paradoxes as a way of coming to terms with our human-animal selves.

¡Burros! is a celebration for all ages, with a very carnivalesque and popular flavour, that avoids cheap caricatural humour thanks to its clever wit and high quality visual, musical, and theatrical approach.

¡Burros! is the second in a trilogy of animalistic shows that draws the audience into a large-scale puppet show. The first instalment, Les Bêtes dansent ou le sortilège discret de la nature sauvage, was presented at the opening of the 14th edition of Festival de Casteliers in 2018.


Running time: 70 minutes

Techniques: puppets, masks, and objects


Presented as part of CAM en tournée.

All audiences



Founded in 2011 in Mexico by actress and stage director Jacqueline Serafin and caricaturist, sculptor and puppet inventor Iker Vicente, La Liga Teatro Elástico seeks to engage the public in an active and playful way. The company’s approach is at the crossroads of sculpture, theatre, performance, and education. La Liga Teatro Elástico’s works – performances and installations – have been presented in Canada, Mexico, Spain, and South Africa.


Stage direction, scenography, masks and puppets: Iker Vicente

Performers and creative collaborators: Jacqueline Serafín, Noémi Belanger, Salim Hammad, and Iker Vicente

Stage direction advisor: Marcelle Hudon

Dramaturgy advisor: Francis Monty

Costumes: Jerildy Bosch

Stage direction and production assistant: Élisabeth Bosquet

Scenography and costume assistant: Flavia Evia

Costume assistant: Jessica Hernández

​​Musical direction, composition, clarinette and bass clarinette: Pierre-Emmanuel Poizat

Additional composition, accordeon and percussions: Luzio Altobelli

Additional composition, trumpet and percussions: Némo Babin


La Liga Teatro Elástico gratefully acknowledges the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ministère de l’éducation du Québec and Léonard de Vinci school, as well as the Mexican Secretariat of Culture (Secretaría de Cultura – SACPC) for their support.