Sunday,August 13, 202311 a.m.


Parc Beaubien d’Outremont
Outremont (Québec)
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In French, few words.


Les Billy-croquettes is a little musical circus made up of an accordionist and her mechanical animals. Little by little, the toys gain in self-reliance and autonomy. Who’s leading who? Who’s in charge? The band leader has to deal with mechanisms as endearing as they are unpredictable. Physical theatre, humour, and puppetry come together in this story about disobedient machines told with rousing music.


Running time: 40 minutes

Techniques: clowning et animatronics


 Presented as part of the Outremont borough’s cultural activities program.

All audiences




Les sœurs kif-kif have been cooking up their creations for several years, collecting curiosities and subverting the use of everyday objects. Their performances create a close relationship with the audience and a theatre of the moment developed through their street theatre experience.

Their shows inspire children to experiment, to put their ideas into action, and to see themselves as adults who continue to engage in play. Their work has been performed over 1,000 times in 19 countries.


Story and stage design: Josette Lépine and Françoise Lépine

Scenography, puppets, music and performance: Josette Lépine

Outside eyes: Michoue Sylvain and Marcelle Hudon