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Petit Outremont
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Casteliers en famille

Compagnie Mobile Home (Montréal)

All audiences, 5 years +

Single admission price: $15 

School groups on January 28-29, 2018: Please call Théâtre Outremont (514 495-9944) to confirm the availability of public access tickets.

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This is the story of Yuma as he gets ready for bed. As soon as the lights go out, fear of the dark settles in. His imagination takes over and the stage is set for his thoughts to wander into the shadowy paths of the unknown. Once asleep, his fears turn into poetry, and Yuma the puppet becomes Yuma the paper doll character. Under his bed, the extraordinary adventures created by his imagination come to life. Both characters and set transition from the very large to the very small, magnifying the strangeness of his dreams and conjuring up images of Russian nesting dolls.

The show’s surrealist and poetic approach enchants audiences with the combined magic of puppetry, shadow theatre, acting, image and sound.

RUNNING TIME: 45 minutes



Mobile Home theatre company was founded in Montréal in 1999 by Lucas Jolly and Steeve Dumais. They have a unique approach to multidisciplinary creation, to the combination of art forms and to the relationship with the audience. Sous mon lit is their latest production and its premiere performances are presented by Casteliers.

An undisciplined multidisciplinary company, Mobile Home creates hybrid and unconventional shows in various forms: performances, installations, street theatre and surrealist cabarets. Mobile Home draws its inspiration from pop culture and its shows reveal the ambiguity of reality as it relates to the need for play and folly.


Original Idea and Performance: Lucas Jolly and Steeve Dumais
Puppets: Lucas Jolly and Steeve Dumais
Set and Accessories: Gigi Perron and Michel Fordin
Sound Design: Steeve Dumais
Outside Eye: Alain Francœur
Puppet Costumes: Sonia Létourneau
Performance: Lucas Jolly and Steeve Dumais
Technical Director and Lighting: Michel Fordin
Photo Montage: Allison Moore
Pop-up : Lucie Bélanger