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Théâtre Outremont
1248 Bernard Avenue West
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La S.O.U.P.E Compagnie (France)

For children, from 2 to 5 years old

Single admission price: $12 

Based on the children’s book by Blexbolex

“A romance is an old song, but it’s also a story. A story that everyone can make their own, adding whatever pops into mind, without forgetting what came before. This is the story of a child walking home from school every day. What he discovers turns his small world into a larger-than-life adventure. His story is as old as the hills: every day, it starts all over again.” Blexbolex

Running time: 45 minutes





What sets La S.O.U.P.E Cie apart is its use of contemporary puppets. Moving form and musical gesture are at the heart of its creative research that focuses both on the intimate and societal spheres. Domenicone and Yseult Welschinger have led the company since 2004, with support from many artists: musicians, actors, puppeteers, costume designers, videographers, craftspeople, playwrights and technicians. The nature of the manipulated objects and their varying relations to the actors and to the music are means — even assistants — that allow an idea, an emotion or a story to be shared. The company adapts each performance technique to the message it intends to convey.


Text and picture book: Blexbolex
Adaptation: Yseult Welschinger & Eric Domenicone
Stage direction: Eric Domenicone
Scenography and Puppets: Yseult Welschinger & Eric Domenicone
Performance: Yseult Welschinger et Kathleen Fortin
Manipulations: Chris Caridi
Music and Sound Design: Antoine Arlot, Pierre Boespflug
Pop-up Elements and Stage Images:  Eric Domenicone, Daniel Trento, Yseult Welschinger
Costumes: Daniel Trento
Lighting: Chris Caridi
Video: Marine Drouard
Set: Olivier Benoit