Thursday,August 15, 201910:30 a.m.
Parc De Normanville See the map
Friday,August 16, 201910:30 a.m.
Parc François-Perrault See the map
Saturday,August 24, 201910:30 a.m.
Parc Howard See the map
Sunday,August 25, 201910:30 a.m.
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A Cécile Viggiano (Montréal) Le bruit de l’herbe qui pousse (France) co-production

All audiences, 5 years +


Thursday, August 15: 10:30 a.m. – Villeray (De Normanville Park)
Friday, August 16: 10:30 a.m. – Saint-Michel (François-Perrault Park)
Saturday, August 24: 10:30 a.m. – Park Extension (Howard Park)
Sunday, August 25: 10:30 a.m. – Outremont (Saint-Viateur Park)

Double feature

L’heure du thé is a pause, a moment to reminisce about a life well lived – the life of a diminutive grandmother unlike any other named Léonie. Onstage, two cousins share a cup of tea as they look back at their grandmother’s story. This wonderfully colourful character will take them on a journey of discovery to explore a cabinet of curiosities that holds much more than just objects.

A cross between paper theatre and object theatre, La petite histoire de Gino Bartali offers us a (very) subjective version of both the extraordinary and the everyday moments in the life of the famous Italian cyclist. A series of events unfolds before our eyes as paper objects and sets are orchestrated in order to highlight the magnitude of the achievements of the two-time winner of the Tour de France (1938 and 1948) and hero of the Italian resistance. With calves of steel and a steady pace, Gino Bartali watches from above as his story is told with humour and sensitivity.

Running time:
L’heure du thé: 25 minutes
La petite histoire de Gino Bartali: 20 minutes

Techniques: Mixed


Cécile Viggiano (Montréal) and Elise Ducrot (France) met during their studies in the graduate program in contemporary puppetry at the Université du Québec à Montréal’s École supérieure de théâtre. Over the course of the two-year program, they explored contemporary puppetry’s many possibilities and came together over a shared interest: telling moving stories that are based on real situations, where paper and puppet create a poetic dialogue.


L’heure du thé

Story, Stage Direction and Performance: Elise Ducrot and Cécile Viggiano
Scenography: Cécile Viggiano
Music: Céline Chevrier

La petite histoire de Gino Bartali

Story and Stage Direction: Cécile Viggiano and Marie-Eve Lefebvre
Scenography: Cécile Viggiano
Performance: Élise Ducrot and Cécile Viggiano