Friday,August 17, 201810:30 a.m.
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Saturday,August 18, 201810:30 a.m.
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Saturday,August 18, 20182 p.m.
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Sunday,August 19, 201811 a.m.
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Sunday,August 19, 20182 p.m.
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Casteliers sur l’herbe

Teatro Golondrino (France)

All audiences, 3 years +



This is the story of guard cat named Hypolite, in charge of keeping an eye on a trunk and making sure that nothing escapes from it. Then, one day, a most improbable creature tries to escape…

String Marionettes
Without Words
Running Time: 30 minutes


Founded in 2002, Teatro Golondrino presents its shows in streets and in festivals around the world. The company’s simple stories are influenced by modern life and are transposed into a retro universe that borrows from the comic strip and animated film esthetics. With expertise, humour and sensitivity, Christophe Croëz explores the emotional range and physical language of string marionettes.


Production: Teatro Golondrino
Designed, built and performed by: Christophe Croëz