Sunday,May 6, 201811 a.m.
Sunday,May 6, 20181:30 p.m.
Monday,May 16, 202210:04 p.m.

Petit Outremont
1248 Bernard Avenue West
Montréal (Québec) H2V 2V6
Phone: 514-495-9944, ext. #1
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Jeux de Vilains

For all audience, 3 years +

Single admission price: $12 

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This is the story of a fox that is neither big nor mean, but would like to be both.

Farm animals don’t take a scrawny, frightened fox like him seriously so claiming his spot at the top of the food chain isn’t easy. The wolf, whom the fox finds both impressive and intimidating, suggests that eggs are a lot easier to steal than hens. So the fox decides to steal some eggs, tends and hatches them, and…becomes a mom…

We follow, step by step, the impossible quest of a fox who tries to become the story’s bad guy despite his naiveté and his enormous heart.


RUNNING TIME: 40 minutes


Jeux de Vilains is a French company founded in 2005 in Lailly en Val (Loiret) striving to present theatre that is accessible to everyone: thought-provoking and down to earth, without being elitist or populist.

It adapts classics or explores contemporary themes using a variety of techniques (puppetry, masked theatre, shadow theatre, clowning, stage fencing, etc.). Le Grand Méchant Renard is its latest creation.


Co-production: Jeux Vilains (France) et Vis Motrix (Montréal)
Story: Isabelle Chrétien et Cécile Hurbault, based on the comic book Le Grand Méchant Renard by Benjamin Renner
Stage Direction: Ludovic Meunier
Performance: Cécile Hurbault


Creative residence offered by Vis Motrix (Montréal)

Repetition residence offered by la Maison de la BD (Blois)