Saturday,August 17, 201910:30 a.m.
Parc De Normanville See the map
Sunday,August 18, 201910:30 a.m.
Parc Saint-Viateur See the map
Thursday,August 22, 201910:30 a.m.
Parc François-Perrault See the map
Friday,August 23, 201910:30 a.m.
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Gaspare Nasuto (Italy)

All audiences, 4 years +


Saturday, August 17: 10:30 a.m. – Villeray (De Normanville Park)
Sunday, August 18: 10:30 a.m. – Outremont (Saint-Viateur Park)
Thursday, August 22: 10:30 a.m. – Saint-Michel (François-Perrault Park)
Friday, August 23: 10:30 a.m. – Park Extension (Howard Park)

Gaspare Nasuto masterfully interprets Pulcinella, a popular Neapolitan puppet theatre character that originated in 16th century commedia dell’arte. This half-masked character with an irreverent and ambivalent personality draws the audience into a series of wacky stories that feature classic Guarattelle protagonists such as the lover, the dog, death… The steady pace, the use of the pivetta (device that changes the performer’s voice), the precise manipulation and the absurdity of the different scenes ensure that such traditional Italian theatre remains as funny today as it was five centuries ago.

Running Time: 35 minutes
Technique: Traditional Napolitan Hand Puppets (Guarattelle)


the greatest masters of the art of Neapolitan hand puppetry, and a key conveyor of the traditional art form’s secrets. In his Pompeii studio, he trains a new generation of artists, teaching wood carving and traditional puppetry.

World ambassador for the Pulcinella mask at the Acerra Museum in Naples, Gaspare Nasuto is one of the most awarded puppeteers of his generation, with more than twenty international career awards. He has performed shows and led workshops in several European countries and in the United States. This is his first visit to Canada.


Stage Direction, Scenography, Puppets and Performance: Gaspare Nasuto

Presented in collaboration with Festival Marionnettes plein la rue and Promenade Wellington.