Thursday,September 9, 20217 p.m.
Friday,September 10, 20217 p.m.
Saturday,September 11, 20217 p.m.

Maison internationale des arts de la marionnette
30 Saint-Just Avenue
Montréal (Québec) H2V 1X8

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Elvis Alatac

All audiences, 12 years +

A: $24 R: $20 

A: adults | R: discount *
* A: Adults (13 years +) | R: Discount * * Discount price for members of the Association québécoise des marionnettistes (AQM—the Québec Puppeteer Association), students, and seniors 65 + Taxes and ticket processing fee included.

Taxes and ticket processing fee included.


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9 septembre 2021 – 19h

10 septembre 2021 – 19h

11 septembre 2021 – 19h


Performed outdoors, in French


Two men, one boisterous and talkative, the other taciturn and silent, stand before the audience. They will be presenting their version of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. One man stands inside a ramshackle theatre set, while the other sits nearby on a chair.

The man in the theatre set will replay the tragedy of Prince Hamlet by assigning the roles to objects. His awkwardness, his runaway mind and his multiple deviations from the story make the presentation increasingly unhinged. His sidekick sitting just outside the theatre set will do his part to enhance the experience with a flurry of sound effects and music. Together, they will tell the terrible fate of Denmark… by any means necessary. 

This duo squeezes a four-hour play into a 60-minute theatrical experience.


« … Porcheron nous offre tout un résumé de cette pièce mythique, où le sang coule à flot et les clins d’œil au cinéma américain abondent, de l’Exorcisme au Parrain. Terriblement sympathique et amusant. » 

– David Lefebvre, montheatre


RUNNING TIME: 60 minutes

TECHNIQUES: Object theatre and clowning



Based in Poitiers, France, the Elvis Alatac theatre company was founded by Pier Porcheron. The artist describes his approach: “I have an aesthetic that is in line with mainstream puppetry, but to call it ‘puppetry’ or ‘object theatre’ would be lying. It’s true that there are objects, puppets and a considerable amount of text. I think my way of approaching this multifaceted art is a sort of decompartmentalizing of theatre, puppetry and visual theatre. Always leave some room for playfulness. Stage writing with the table on the set. Writing with the scenography, objects and actors. Never restrict yourself to one technique. Never limit yourself to one trend. Instead, be the trends, for better or for worse.


Performance, story and staging: Pier Porcheron

Actor direction: Maïa Commère

Stage management, illustrations, music and curtains: Fabrice Tremblay (CA-Qc) 

Object dramaturgy: Francis Monty

Production: Elvis Alatac

Elvis Alatac Management: Julie Reynard – JR Company

Co-production: Zo Prod, Les Sages Fous

Funding: OFQJ, Région Poitou-Charentes



Il y a quelque chose de pourri will be performed in Montréal thanks to support from the Institut français and the French Consulate General in Québec City.


We will ensure that current Public Health guidelines for COVID-19 are followed.