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Théâtre Aux Écuries
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Les soirées Casteliers

Nick Lehane (New York)

Adult and teen audience, 12 years +

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Show without words

“To endow animals with human emotions has long been a scientific taboo. But if we do not, we risk missing something fundamental, about both animals and us.” – Frans de Waal, primatologist and ethologist

Inspired by actual events, Chimpanzee tells the story of a lone, aging female chimpanzee, looking back on her childhood spent in a human family before she was shipped off to a laboratory. With great sensitivity and masterful puppet manipulation, Chimpanzee examines the emotional ties that develop between animals and humans when lines are blurred… Harsh reality brings back vivid memories in this puppet show without words.

After premiering in New York in spring 2019 to great critical acclaim, Chimpanzee will be performed in France in September. It will then be presented for the first time in Canada at Théâtre Aux Écuries in Montréal October 16-18.

Running time: 60 minutes
Technique: Tabletop



Nick Lehane is a New York City-based actor and puppeteer. He holds a BFA from the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama and also studied at the Moscow Art Theatre School and the Rhodopi International Theatre Laboratory in Greece. Nick Lehane lives in New York and has worked on several projects with Basil Twist that have toured in the United States and abroad. He also creates and directs his own productions. Chimpanzee is his most recent creation, developed with the support of the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center and the Jim Henson Foundation.


Story, Stage Direction, Scenography and Puppets: Nick Lehane
Sound Designer: Kate Marvin
Associate Sound Designer: Ayumu “Poe” Saegusa
Lighting Designer: Marika Kent
Associate Lighting Designer: Avery Orvis
Puppeteers: Rowan Magee, Andy Manjuck and Emma Wiseman
Contributions: Cheryl Henson, The Jim Henson Foundation, Barbara Busakino /
Basil Twist’s Dream Music Puppetry Program