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Casteliers en famille

Theater de Spiegel (Belgium)

Young audiences, 18 months to 4 years

A: $22 E: $16 R: $20 

School groups of 10 or more: $14
Information and reservations: 514-270-2717

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Ceci n’est pas un livre is an interactive experience where very young children are encouraged to discover the world of books as both objects and vehicles for stories, through musical comedy theatre based on the books and illustrations of Hervé Tullet and works by Magritte and Tati.

Two goofy guys take you on a voyage of discovery. They are loaded down with suitcases. Suitcases full of books, books full of music, pages full of silly details and quirky jokes, paper full of little sounds. Are they just marking time? Or are they daydreaming?

The guys imagine a world full of colours, in their heads, in the books, in your head – like a fluttering page, a moving car, a jumping dot, a hole in the paper, a loop, a head, a planet.

This is a book.

Running time: 45 minutes
Techniques: Musical Theatre and Object Theatre



Karel Van Ransbeeck has been artistic director of Theater De Spiegel since 1994, which was founded as a puppet theatre company by his father in 1965. Having grown up in the puppetry world, Karel eventually took over from his father as company manager but shifted the emphasis from puppet theatre to a unique combination of puppets, objects and music.

On his artistic quest to develop a theatre language with wide public appeal, Karel Van Ransbeeck always looks for a synergy between figures, objects, music, sound and text.


Original Idea: Based on the books and illustrations of Hervé Tullet
Stage Direction: Karel Van Ransbeeck
Scenography: Karel Van Ransbeeck, Lies Maréchal and Wim de Vyver
Music: Adrian Lenski
Artistic Coaching: Laurent Dupont – Compagnie ACTA
Performance: Karel van Ransbeeck and Bart Voet
Publishers: Phaidon Press, Tate Publishing and Bayard Éditions