Micro Cinema Theatre Workshop with Gavin Glover (Scotland)


As a prelude to the 12th edition of Festival de Casteliers,

MICRO CINEMA THEATRE Professional Training Workshop for puppeteers, actors, musicians,

film makers, film animators, writers and directors (students and professionals).

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By using video and cctv cameras, projectors and simple technology, we can explore objects, puppets and the human body to discover a new type of cinema. Combining these discoveries with the more traditional forms of performance, we can create ‘Micro Cinema Theatre’.

During this practical workshop you will use a multitude of objects and materials, construct environments to film and improvise performance. You will explore hidden movements and unlock tiny details that are normally lost in a theatre space, you will play with scale, focus, light, sound and music and explore 2 and 3 dimensional worlds. Some objects have more metaphor and meaning than others so you will try to discover which materials work best for the story you are trying to tell.



Gavin Glover is known as a founder member of FaultyOptic Theatre of Animation who toured their surreal and unique adult puppet shows around the world since 1988. In 2011, Gavin became a freelance Theatre Director, Designer and Maker specializing in puppetry and visual theatre for an adult audience. Now he creates challenging performance works which explore the mixture of puppets, acting, clowning, video, movement and dance – in fact whatever is necessary to create a highly intricate and intriguing theatre. Over the last 5 years he has worked for the National Theatre of Scotland as Associate Designer on a number of productions and the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow in Scotland where he is now based.

Gavin has taught at many different theatre schools in Europe such as ESNAM – École Nationale Supérieure des Arts de la Marionnette (Charleville-Mézières), Central School of Speech and Drama (London), Royal Holloway, University of London, London School of Puppetry, Vincent Dance Theatre.

Dates :  March 6, 7 and 8, 2017 (21 hours)
Cost : 150 $ + taxes
Limited number available.
Information & reservation : 514 270 7779 or