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5 April 2017

Montréal — Guadalajara (Mexico) Cross-Residency for Professional Puppeteers

With a view to furthering the development of puppetry arts and bringing together puppeteers from diverse backgrounds in order to share contemporary creative practices, Casteliers, the Conseil des arts de Montréal (CAM) and LUNA MORENA have partnered to offer a creative cross-residency for professional puppeteers. For the second edition of this project, a Montréal-based artist […]

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10 November 2016

Micro Cinema Theatre Workshop with Gavin Glover (Scotland)

By using video and cctv cameras, projectors and simple technology, we can explore objects, puppets and the human body to discover a new type of cinema. Combining these discoveries with the more traditional forms of performance, we can create ‘Micro Cinema Theatre’.

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